I can pretty much sum up all my experience about living on a farm in one word…… NONE!

Well unless you count visiting my grandparents growing up. They moved to the city when my mother was 12 years old. Mt grandparents were born, grew up, and worked on farms. They were mostly cotton farmers. My grandfather always said he hated the farm live and got out of it as soon as he was able to get a job at a local refinery. A few years later my grandfather did inherit 20 acres that he put some cows on. He would drive out there about about every other day after work to check on them. He didn’t have any bulls so he would pay a neighbor to bring his bull over once year to “spend some quality time” with his cows in hopes of having a calf a few months later. The calfs that were born were either sold at auction or butchered for their meat. We would bring our coolers to my grandparents house twice a year and load up with meat that was packaged in white butcher paper with the name written across it in marker. Once I saw a package that said tongue. Needless to say we didn’t take that package. I always envied people that had meat that was wrapped in plastic from the grocery store. That still makes me laugh to this day, how dumb I was wanting the meat from the grocery store.

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So maybe I really do have farm living in my blood. Maybe it’s a lot easier then I think it is. JUST KIDDING it’s not! It is one of the hardest “side jobs” a person could have and I don’t get paid for all the blood, sweat, and many many tears I’ve cried out here. My ancestors must have cried all the time. I promise you that’s why all those old black and white photos show people so stoic and miserable looking. They must have been thinking about all the horrible farm events that had occurred the night before and all the horrible things they knew were in store for them as soon as they got home. Things they couldn’t even imagine because if you could you would do something to stop it but you can’t because it’s always the most random crap which always leaves you thinking “holy crap I can’t believe that happened !” The funny, not ha ha funny, thing is I have said that statement at least 20 times since I moved out here. It’s a roller coaster ride for sure!

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I grew up in the city, then moved my family to a farm 7 years ago. Since moving to a farm I have learned more people, about life, and about myself then I ever expected. It's been a crazy journey, I can't imagine what will happen next!

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